T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date Change For The Better

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T-Mobile has surprised customers as the Apple iPhone 5 will be making its way to the carrier sooner than what was first thought. This was a shock when the CEO made the announcement as usually when there are changes in releases it is to delay them.

The CEO said at first that T-Mobile would be having the Apple iPhone 5 within 6 to 9 months. However he recently changed this to just 4 to 5 months and so you should be able to get hold of it by the summer.

T-Mobile will be making another change and this is by way dropping subsidised handsets.

There are around 1.9 million iPhone users with T-Mobile at the moment and the CEO is hoping that the changes will not alter sales. Monthly payments will be cheaper and it is thought that this could draw in another 5% more customers.

If you go for the Apple iPhone 5 on T-Mobile you will not have a contract that you are locked into and this is good news for anyone who wishes to swap handsets each year when Apple brings out another device. Along with this is the bonus that iPhones have a resale value that is quite high.

An email has gone around at T-Mobile which says there will be a blackout period between 18th March and 14th April and as with carriers in the past this has happened when there is a new iPhone coming out. Therefore it is safe to say that the device should be with T-Mobile at some point during this time.

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