T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date: Blackouts, End Of Subsidies & More

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T-Mobile are getting closer to offering the Apple iPhone 5 to their customers as it should happen faster than what was first thought. This is something good to hear as generally if dates are changed they are usually changed to a later one, not earlier.

The CEO said that T-Mobile would get the Apple iPhone 5 in around 6 to 9 months and this has now changed to 3 to 4 months. So if you have been waiting to get the handset with the carrier, you should be able to get it around the summer time.

T-Mobile is also getting ready to put an end to subsidised handsets.

Right now the carrier is home to around 1.9 million iPhones and the carrier does not anticipate the changes affecting their sales. The monthly payments would be lower and this may attract around 5% additional subscribers.

This of course means that if you do want the iPhone with T-Mobile, you would have to pay the full price. However it also means that you are not locked into a contract of two years. This is great news for people who like to keep up to date with the latest handset and Apple release a new iPhone each year. There is also the fact that the iPhone comes with a superb resale value.

Staff has been told of a blackout which is set to happen from 18th March up to 14th April. Blackouts have happened with other carriers in the past and this has been when a new iPhone has been released.

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