T-Mobile iPhone 5 Lands This Spring But Be Cautioned About Its Price Tag

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The Apple iPhone 5 is making its way to T-Mobile this summer and the carrier is putting an end to their subsidised handsets.

Back in December of last year they said that they were getting the iPhone at last, they are the only major US carrier not to offer it. However they didn’t say much about the details other than they would get the device. T-Mobile could well follow the other major carriers and decided to offer the cellular version of the Apple iPad as well.

While the CEO didn’t talk about having the Apple iPad at the CES, he did mention the iPhone and the fact that they were ending subsidies.

This is now thought to be happening within 3 to 4months instead of 6 to 9 months which was the timeframe initially. The carrier has around 1.9 million Apple iPhone owners at the moment and they activate around 100,000 new devices each month.

The CEO said that they would stop offer discounts on devices and would offer lower monthly bills. They are hoping to get around 5% more consumers interested as people will not be locked into contracts of two years.

So if you want to get the Apple iPhone 5 on T-Mobile in the summer you will have to hand over $650 instead of $199 on contract.

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