T-Mobile iPhone 5 Subsidized Plans Still Exist! [LEAK]

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T-Mobile held a press event on Wednesday to reveal to the world they were becoming an Uncarrier. They are doing away with subsidies and are focusing on pre-paid plans. However, it seems that the carrier is not about to let go of their phone contracts in the near future.

Source has shown us an in-depth slide that tells us everything that we need to know about the Classic rate plans of the carrier. T-Mobile will continue to offer devices on contracts of two years but the plans will be different. For $60 you can get unlimited talk, text and web, however all of the data will not be high speed. 500MB of data would be high speed, perhaps 4G, then you will be throttled. The Family plans are to start at $100 for two lines and the same services come with it. If you want another line then you will have to add on another $20.

If you want more high speed data you can have it with hotspots in increments of 2GB. 2GB will cost you $20 per month; 4GB will cost you $30 and so on. If you want unlimited high speed data then you can for $30 per month.  However you would just get 500MB of hotspot data.

Data for tablets and  hotspots that are dedicated will cost the same in 2GB increments.

Anyone who wants to pay by the day can get text, talk and web that is unlimited for $3 per day, 200MB at full speed or for $2 per day you can get unlimited talk, text and 2G web.

So what is the difference between these and the new plans? Well the Classic Rate plans are a little bit more expensive each month, however you can get a handset subsidised,  which means that there is no need for a down payment and recurring fee as with the Simple Choice plans.

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