T-Mobile iPhone 5 Advantage: Cheap Plan, High Resale, No Contract

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Fans of the Apple iPhone 5 and T-Mobile will be happy to know about comments to come from the pink carrier’s CEO at the CES. The T-Mobile CEO said that the release date for the Apple iPhone 5 has been fast tracked.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 release date fast-tracked

This means that instead of people having to wait for around 6 to 9 months before being able to get the iPhone, people should be able to get it in around 3 to 4 months. This means that the handset could be in stores by the summer. The carrier is also said to be putting an end to subsidies. T-Mobile might be the last of the large carriers in the US to get their hands on the iOS device, however they are the only one who will not offer subsidies for the device and in turn lower monthly plan rates.

T-Mobile has around 1.9 million Apple iPhone users at the moment and their activations each month are around 100,000. They are confident that by stopping subsidies it will not have an effect on the sales of the Apple iPhone with them. It is thought that they will be able to get customers in with lower fees each month; the carrier is hoping that the amount of subscribers will increase by at least 5%.

T-Mobile will not lock in users on contracts of two years in exchange for subsidised handsets. The Apple iPhone 5 should do well with T-Mobile as Apple release a new handset each year and the devices have an high resale value. Hence you could sell your iPhone 5 when the iPhone 5S or 6 comes out as you have no commitment. Additionally, the high resale value will ensure you get decent returns on your sale.

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