T-Mobile iPhone 5 Lands Before Summer But There’s A Catch

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Anyone wanting the Apple iPhone 5 on T-Mobile is in for good news as the CEO of T-Mobile has said that the Apple iPhone 5 will be coming quicker than what was originally thought.

T-Mobile iPhone 5

Rather than it being 6 to 9 months away the T-Mobile iPhone 5 is now 3 to 4 months away from T-Mobile stores. This means that you could get hold of the device before the summer is here.

However there is a catch to the story and that is that at the same time T-Mobile get the Apple iPhone, they will stop phone subsidies.

At the moment the carrier has around 1.9 million owners of the Apple iPhone on their network. They say that by stopping subsidies it will not have an effect on the sales of handsets, which remains to be seen. In fact it could be the opposite and more people could come to the carrier as the monthly fees would be lower.

People will no longer be tied into contracts of two years and for Apple iPhone fans this would be great news as Apple release a new handset every year, plus the Apple iPhone has a resale value that is high.

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