T-Mobile iPhone 5: Good News Arrives

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If you have been waiting for the Apple iPhone 5 on T-Mobile you will not have much longer to wait as the date for release has been brought forward. This is unusual in the world of tech as when dates are changed it is usually to push them back.

The CEO of T-Mobile has said that they would be offering the Apple iPhone 5 within 6 to 9 months; this has now changed to just 3 to 4 months. This means that if you want the device you should have it in your hand by the summer.

T-Mobile are also making another change and this is that they will no longer offer subsidised plans.

At the moment around 1.9 million people are using the Apple iPhone with T-Mobile, the CEO said that it doesn’t think changes will affect sales. He believes that as the repayments are less each month around 5% more customers will be attracted to T-Mobile.

There is a downside however and this is that you will have to pay full price for the Apple iPhone 5. But on the good side you will not have a contract of two years, this is great news for anyone who has to have the latest iPhone, and Apple release a new one each year. The Apple iPhone also has a high resale value.

T-Mobile did send out a blackout warning which is to take place 18th of March to 14th of April. When other carriers have had blackouts it has meant that the Apple iPhone will be released during this period.

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