T-Mobile HTC One M10 May Be A Terrible Buy

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The HTC One M10 on T-Mobile is going to be launched on May 18 but when it does arrive it may turn out to be a horrible buy. This is down to the fact that the graphite version isn’t going to be on offer and the handset in silver is going to cost you around $679.

So if you wanted to get your hands on the graphite version of the HTC One M10 with T-Mobile forget it. At least when it launches as its only coming in the silver colouring. The handset is going to be JoD eligible, providing you like the device in silver.

The price tag is a bit on the high side but you might be able to get money off with a coupon. You may be able to get around $100 off the handset if there is a coupon code that is still working.

You can get the HTC One M10 between 18 and 24 May and get your hands on a free rapid charger along with ice case. At the moment we haven’t any idea as to when the graphite version is being made available for T-Mobile, at the launch however it is only going to be in silver.

Would you purchase the silver HTC One M10 or do you really want the graphite?