T-Mobile HTC One M10 Is A Horrible Purchase

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The T-Mobile HTC One M10 is coming our way on 18 May but you might not want to get excited as it could be a horrible purchase. The device isn’t going to be made available in the graphite and it is going to cost you $679.

This means that if you were looking forward to getting the HTC One M10 with T-Mobile in the graphite colour you are plain out of luck as it is only available in the silver colour. On the plus side is the fact that it is JoD eligible, but that’s no consideration if you don’t like the silver version.

The price tag is a bit of a downer too but you may be able to look around and get a coupon for the HTC One M10 that gives as much as $100 off the device and you might find one that is still working.

If you buy the HTC One M10 between 18 and 24 May you do get a free rapid charger along with ice case. Of course there is nothing to say that the graphite version won’t be made available at a later date, just that for the launch its only available in silver.

Buy would you buy the silver version of the HTC One M10 on launch from T-Mobile or will you hang on and see if they release the graphite version?

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