Suzuki Grand Vitara Restyled With Lotus DNA. Anyone?

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The 2016 Suzuki Grand Vitara certainly has ninja DNA written all over it but while it has received an upgrade in looks, can it look better?

The folks behind Lotus Cars, Proton, have been known to slightly facelift some models and sell it under their own badge – as is the case with the Proton Perdana for instance. So what would a Proton Grand Vitara look like?

Famed rendered Theophilus Chin has done his version of a Suzuki Grand Vitara if it were made by Proton. And we must say that the black claddings all over it does look good and injects an almost Lotus styling into the samurai SUV.

What do you think of this render? Should Proton consider jumping from Honda to Suzuki for their next new model underbelly? Sound off in the comments section below.

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