Suzuki Alto Works: Where’d You Go? I Miss You So

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Suzuki may seem to be quite a history now, and for that reason, we would really like to have them back on the roads. Not too late for a little New Year resolution right? That’s because we’d love to have the Suzuki Alto Works hitting the roads again; also reason being is that it undoubtedly looks like an absolute riot.

If you’re still wondering why this car would be a hoot to drive, well, it’s good to know some of these facts. The Suzuki Alto Works is a tiny Kei car which rides on a 97-inch wheelbase and weighs less than 1,350 pounds, making it absolutely lightweight; half the weight of the three-door Mini. And while the version prior to this sports a rounded styling, this new model adopts a more squared-off, industrial design, which truth to be told, looks more appealing to the eyes.

And here’s the price tag for those who are curious: 1,509,840 yen, so that would only be $12,500 after conversion! We certainly hope for Suzuki to make a nice comeback since there’s no denying that they do make some of the best hatchbacks around town.

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