Suppliers Warned By Apple To Keep Off New Apple MacBook Pro

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Apple don’t generally rely all that much on third party suppliers and they have proven this in the past as Apple have launched their iPhones with processers that they developed themselves.

Soon we are expecting the new MacBook Pro to come with chips that Apple has made themselves. It seems that Apple is sending out a quiet warning to suppliers to keep away from the new MacBook as it has been said that they are finalizing the new ARM based chip and this is going to be used in future.

The chip in question has been given the codename T310 and Apple believes that the processor is going to be able to offer the same performance as suppliers chips, including those from Intel and AMD.

If Apple has their own chips then they would be able to tailor the Apple MacBook Pro even more, along with adding in new features and innovations. While we haven’t been given any details yet it is thought that the new MacBook Pro will have superb battery life thanks to a low power mode.

For now we are going to have to wait to find out more about the new MacBook Pro as Apple is keeping details under wraps.

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