Super Smash Bros. Ultimate New Event Starts This Weekend!

The latest event for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will focus on Cuphead as Nintendo announced the “Ready? Wallop!” event for the game.

The event will start on the 14th of February and will go on until the 19th of February where players will have a chance to collect four spirits based on the Cuphead characters. This will include four themed battles that are similar to the Cuphead scenarios where players can choose Cuphead, Mugman, King Dice and The Devil as Spirits and use in Custom or Adventure Smash mode.

This comes together with the release of the right’s Fire Emblem character, Byleth. Fans were not happy that Nintendo chooses to offer another Fire Emblem character into the game. According to Sakurai, they did notice that but added that all these have already been decided.

We know that there will be six more DLC characters that will come as part of Fighters Pass Vol. 2 but those characters have already been decided so don’t bother putting in your suggestion now.