Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Luigi’s Fate Made Clear

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Fans of the Mario franchise came to the conclusion that Luigi is not dead after Nintendo showed Luigi getting struck down by Death and his soul leaving his body. Well, it looks like Luigi is not really dead as explained by Nintendo.

According to Nintendo UK twitter page, Luigi is “okay”. The “death” of Luigi was just there to set up for the introduction of Simon and Ricketer Belmont, the characters from Castlevania which is a relief as it would be a bad start for the game to actually kill off Luigi. Nintendo has also confirmed that Chrome, Dark Samus and King k.Rool will also be appearing in the game as well.

The new Super Smash Bros.Ultimate will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch on the 7th of December. The game will consist of all characters from previous Super Smash Bros game and more. Check out the new trailer below to see how Luigi “died”.