Super Skyrim Bros Mod Goes Bonkers With Latest Update

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Clint Minch had not run out of ideas for his mod Mario Land for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He has recently added new characters, weapons and areas to the mod. This happens to be one of the coolest, if not the strangest mod for Elder Scrolls, to have been released for the PC and on Tuesday it was updated.

Super Skyrim Bros Mario mod gets another crazy update

The Super Skyrim Bros update fetches the mod to version 1.1, along with adding in a lot of content that is new and various types of gameplay, along with bug fixes. This all goes towards ensuring a superb and new experience says Clint. Goomba King and Waluigi are both stage bosses and there is a Dusty Dunes world, Warp Zones and other regions which are new.

You will find that grabbing hold of coins is easier, thanks to the fact that you run your Skyrim character, dressed up as Mario of course, through coins to pick them up, as opposed to pressing the E button for each one you collect. New weapons include one hand hammers and the Mega Mallet.

The mod was worth checking out before it was updated. It is also refreshing to see a modder who is independent go an extra mile or two to improve their previous work. If you want to download the updated version check it out on NexusMods along with trailer highlights. There are around 22 new features/additions in the latest update.

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