Super Mario Runs Tries To Fool People

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Super Mario Run is going to be a great success as on the first day of the game being launched it got three million downloads. However don’t let the game fool you as while many people have downloaded it, many have also said how annoying the game really is.

To play Super Mario Run you need to have always on internet and the game can go down 40 to 70MB of data when you play, dependent on the style and mode that you play. If you don’t have unlimited data plans you are going to quickly eat up your data and perhaps even go over.

70MB is for around one hours playing on Super Mario Run, so depending on how long you play and how many times a month you play you could be looking at it eating up at least 1.5GB a month. This is based on if you only play for one hour and only on week days.

It seems that the reason for it using such a large amount of data is unusually high server load when the game was launched. This meant that some of the servers of Nintendo were not working efficiently and they consumed more data than perhaps they would normally do.

It does look as though Super Mario Run is going to use around the same amount of data as Pokemon Go did. This is a surprise as the former isn’t meant to be played on the go as the latter is. So don’t let the game fool you into using up all your data.

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