Super Mario Odyssey Losing Its Edge

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There is more than one reason why the Super Mario franchise has been so successful over the year and one of it is the challenge. In the past, each game has a limited amount of lives and if you mess up, you are going to get kicked back to the starting line to start all over again.

Well, that has certainly changed as Super Mario enters a new era. We have already seen what the new Super Mario Odyssey will be offering and one thing that we notice is that the chances of Super Mario actually dying in the game are almost zero.

That is because instead of lives, Super Mario now loses 10 coins. These coins can be found everywhere in the map. The extra coins can be used to purchase items in the game and while that is nice, some fans were not too happy that Super Mario has lost its edge.

However, others think that it made sense that the game turned into what it is now. Since the new game is no longer about beating stages but exploration, it won’t make much sense if players are stuck with a limited amount of lives to explore with.

What do you think?

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