Super Mario Odyssey Has A Dress Code For Certain Areas

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We know that in the new Super Mario Odyssey game, players can collect coins to purchase new outfit for Mario and while in most cases, the outfit does not do anything other than making Mario look amazing, a new video now suggest that some areas in Super Mario Odyssey can only be accessed if you put on the right outfit.

In the video, Mario was only able to get into the area if he put on the Mario Maker outfit which means it is important that you try to get as many of the outfits as you can if you want to get to every corner of the map.

When Nintendo first reveal that Mario can never die in the new game and that players will only lose 10 coins if they lose, players said that it did not mean anything but now that we know how important those coins are, people will try their best not to lose now.

You can check out the video below.

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