Super Mario Maker 2: You Can Finally Have Your Friend With You Now

One of the features that were promised when Super Mario Maker 2 was first to announce was that it will be getting an online multiplayer mode which will allow your friends to play with you instead of just random people over the internet but that feature was not offered when the game was released.

It was later added that ti will be added later on and now, after a few months of waiting, the feature has now been added to the game. The feature will come with the Version 1.1.0 update which will allow you to play with your friends in the vs and co-op modes. The feature will also come with voice chat support for the mobile app so you can talk to your friends while playing.

The Nearby Play feature now allows players to play in co-op mode as well. We also get a new Official Makers list so that players can choose levels made by Nintendo.