Super Mario Bros 3 Used To Sweeten Deal For Online Subscription Plan

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Nintendo wants us to believe that the Nintendo Switch can be the retro gaming machine that we all need and that the online subscription plan is the way to go for the retro game fans but a lot of us are not convinced yet.

To further convince the fans that the online subscription plan is actually worth the $20 a year, Nintendo has just tweeted that the popular game, Super Mario Bros 3 will be one of the first games that the subscribers will be getting.

However, some people are still not convinced. One of the reasons why the game was so popular was because you can actually play with your friend in the same room and taunt each other but not that it will be played through an internet connection, it won’t feel the same anymore.

Is the addition of the Super Mario Bros 3 enough to convince you to sign up for the plan?

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