Subaru WRX: That Throaty Sound Isn’t Always Good

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While in many cases people love to hear the throaty sound of the Subaru WRX in some cases hearing it could be your worst nightmare. This is due to a recall by Subaru for some of the 2015 to 2016 WRX versions of the Forester XT.

There is an issue with the turbocharger air intake duct on some of the 2 litre engines and it may crack and result in the vehicles engine stalling and possibly catching fire. Around 18,200 vehicles are said to be affected in the recall of the Subaru WRX and the Forester XT turbocharged vehicles that have been sold in the US.

Just last year Subaru had a problem with engines stalling and it was found that cracks in the turbocharged air intake were to blame. This was down to the use of incorrect materials in parts during production. If the duct cracks then the engine may have a rough idle sound, with reduced power and possibly engine stalling.

Owners of the Subaru WRX and should take their vehicle to their local dealer and they will inspect and replace the part if needed, free of charge.