Subaru WRX Sounds Throaty But That’s Not Always Good

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The throaty sound of the Subaru WRX is generally great to hear but this time around it hasn’t been the case as there is a recall by Subaru and it relates to the 2015 and 2016 WRX Forester XT.

The issue with the vehicle is the turbocharger air intake duct which is found on some of the 2 litre vehicles and which may crack and the engine may stall, leading it to catch fire.

Subaru have said that about 18,200 vehicles are affected and vehicles are in the US and include the Subaru WRX along with the Forester XT turbocharged.

Subaru did suffer an issue with the engine stalling last year and the issue was due to the cracks in the air intake as the wrong materials were used. If the duct were to crack the engine has a rough sound when idling and the power is reduced, while the engine may stall.

If you think that you are the owner of the Subaru WRX affected then you can take it to the dealer and have the part replaced.

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