Subaru First EV Model Has A Release Window Now

While most automakers are rushing to get an EV model out into the market, Subaru has decided to take it easy but that does not mean that they are not working on one.

Subaru revealed their plans for EV models this week by revealing that they will continue to work with Toyota and their electric plans for the future. They even showed off a new design study for an upcoming EV crossover model.

According to the report, the new crossover will be developed with Toyota and is set to arrive by 2025. There is not a whole lot of information on that right now but we hope to learn more soon. Subaru also added that they plan to have 40% of their global sales by an electric or hybrid model by 2030.

While the engine will be taken from Toyota, Subaru added that they will continue to work on their strength which is to continue to offer superior driving and performance with their all0wheel drive tech.