Subaru Crosstrek Needs To Spice Things Up

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Looking at what the Subaru Crosstrek has to offer, nobody would really say that it is a bad car to drive around in but those looking for something a little more exciting will probably cross the Crosstrek out of their list.

As good as the Crosstrek is right now, a lot of people are saying that the vehicle is way too boring and slow. Subaru fans that are looking for something a little more exciting will only have the WRX to choose from and they are now saying that they wish Subaru would offer a few more exciting models.

With the increasing demands for SUVs and Crossover right now, we could see how this might work for Subaru at the end of the day. Of course, there is no indication that Subaru is working on one right now but we are hoping that they might give it a thought.

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