Subaru BRZ Won’t Get Turbo Power Until Next-Gen Arrival

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Before it was confirmed and made official we could dream about getting the Subaru BRZ with turbo power in the current version. Now those dreams are over as we have been given confirmation from two officials at Subaru that we will have to wait until the next generation to see the turbo-charged, STI and convertible BRZ.

Bear in mind that the current Subaru BRZ has been on the market for five years now, so common sense should tell us that it would be too late in the game to make any big changes to the vehicle.

However on the plus side we have been given confirmation of the 2nd generation Subaru BRZ along with the Toyota 86. Nothing was said though about whether it is actually going to have the turbocharged engine and be more powerful and hotter.

55,000 units of the Subaru BRZ have been sold worldwide with 26,000 of them in the US. As the sales numbers aren’t massive and the market does seem to be a limited one, it isn’t likely that we will get to see a convertible. Subaru and Toyota would of course have to plan for a convertible right from the beginning.

If we are going to see the turbocharged version of the 2nd gen Subaru BRZ then more than likely it would be the STI. This is due to the fact that STI is the higher performance model and it could possibly arrive with the turbocharger, tweaks to the suspension and larger brakes.

If you cannot wait for the turbocharged version of the Subaru BRZ then you could go for one of the aftermarket options, but bear in mind that if you install the turbo you are going to wave goodbye to the warranty.

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