Subaru BRZ STi: Finally Something That We Wanted

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The Subaru BRZ is great but for some, it is a little too tame. Fans were hoping that Subaru would eventually come out with a sportier version but the only one we have seen so far is the BRZ tS model but that was only offered in Japan.

Well, the good news is that spies have been seeing Subaru testing out an STI badge BRZ here in the US suggesting that Subaru might have something more powerful to offer us very soon.

It was not like Subaru was running around with the badge expose but the taped in the front wasn’t good enough to hide the STi badge. However, before you get too excited, some people are saying that it does not look like the STi will come with a turbocharger or supercharger based on the size of the front vents and hood shape.

We did notice a huge rear wing on the test mule. Some believe that this might just be a package and that the engine will remain the same. We are hoping that that is not the case.

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