Subaru BRZ Gets Helping Hand From 2018 Subaru WRX STi

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Subaru wants to expand the STI line-up and there are plenty of people who would like to see the Subaru BRZ receive the STI badge. We can imagine just what this would look like if Subaru gave the BRZ the STI name.

The Subaru BRZ would be offered with a brand new look that is taken from the exterior design of the Impreza of course and there are many who would snap up the vehicle.

It is also possible that the Subaru BRZ might be offered with the turbocharged engine at some point down the line, despite the fact that Subaru have said that this isnt going to happen.

Right now we don’t know whether the Subaru BRZ would get the Subaru WRX STI name but there are many people who would like to see it, but what about you?

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