Subaru BRZ And 2018 Toyota 86 Show Less Really Is More

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We have heard plenty of rumours about the fact that the Subaru BRZ will get a turbocharged engine but then Subaru seem to have kicked that idea to the curb. Toyota on the other hand have been keeping quiet about the Toyota 86 but we don’t think that the vehicle will take on a turbocharged engine for the 2018 version.

There has been talk going around that there could be a Subaru BRZ STi version coming our way. This followed on from the announcement made by Subaru that they wanted to expand their line-up.

It does look as though the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota 86 is going to be kept simple, so both carmakers are under the impression that less really is more. Both vehicles should have the 2.0 litre 200 horsepower and 205 horsepower engines and these are the naturally aspirated four cylinder boxer engines.

Whether or not things will change for the next generation of the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 remains to be seen.

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