Street Fighter 5 DLC: Fans Not Impress With New Bland Character

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Capcom will be adding in a new fighter to the Street Fighter 5 game as part of their update and while it is nice to see them expanding the roster, the fans were not too happy with the new fighter that Capcom is offering.

A lot of people were hoping that the new DLC will bring back some of the iconic Street Fighter characters but instead, Capcom decided to give them a new character that many claims feel bland and unimaginative.

According to the announcement, players will be getting Abigail on the 25th of July. On top of that, there is also going to be a new stage called the Metro City Bay Area. On top of that, players will also be getting a few more retro costumes and the Sazaku Castle stage.

Abigail will be part of the Season 2 Character pass which can be purchased for $30.

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