Stardew Valley: Banana Voted In By Fans

Stardew Valley will be getting a new fruits after it was voted in by the fans on Twitter. It was announced that the indie farming game will now get a banana tree soon.

A few fruit options were listed in their latest Twitter poll asking fans what fruit they would like to see the game get. This includes images, avocados, and passionfruit but the banana ultimately won with mangoes being the close second.

As exciting as it is, the developer did not mention when the update will be arriving or what else the update would include other than the bananas. We know that there is going to be a big 1.5 update on the way but we do not know if the banana will be part of the update or not.

There were previously rumors that a Stardew Valley 2 is being worked on but the developer last made it clear that they are not working on the sequel for now.