StarCraft Remastered: The Numbers Are Out

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While StarCraft 2 is great, there is still some appeal when it comes to the original StarCraft game and that is why the fans were so happy when it was first announced that Blizard was going to remaster the game.

Well, after the long wait, we finally got to hear more about the game. According to Blizzard, the StarCraft Remastered for PC will be released on the 14th of August and that the game will cost players $15USD.

Besides the game, players will also get the Brood War expansion. The remastered version will not only come with the native widescreen aspect ratio and 4K support but the graphic and visual assets have been redone as well.

The gameplay will remain the same so that should be a plus for many of the fans. If you are looking to get the game, the game is now open for pre-orders.

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