Starcraft Remaster Got Warcraft 3 Fan’s Attention

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The mention of Starcraft will bring back a lot of fond memories to some of the older gamers and while we already have StarCraft 2 right now, some people still misses the first game from time to time.

So when Blizzard announce that they were going to release a remaster StarCraft game, you can bet that the fans were ecstatic but it wasn’t the Starcraft fans alone that were happy with the announcement.

Some Warcraft 3 fans saw this and speculated that if Blizzard was willing to remake the old Starcraft game, maybe the Warcraft 3 remake is coming next? Of course, Blizard did not mention anything about a Warcraft 3 remastered but the fans think that that could be happening.

Warcraft fans have bee hoping to see a Warcraft 4 for years and while a remake is won’t be as exciting as a new Warcraft 4 game, it is still better than nothing and the fans are saying that they will take whatever they can get from Blizzard.

There were also talks about Blizzard possibly working on a diablo 2 remaster but since Blizzard has not mentioned anything yet, we do not know if that rumor is true or not.

At this point, anything is possible, the initial rumor was that Blizzard was looking to remaster all three, Starcraft, Warcraft 3 and Diablo 2 and the fact that one of the three has been confirmed was enough to convince the fans that more will be announced soon. Let’s hope for the fans of Warcraft that that is the case here.

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  1. Michael

    March 27, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    They don’t need to remaster Warcraft 3. It still holds up very well. If they wanted to improve on its graphics, they would need to overhaul the game engine.