Star Wars Gives Kingdom Hearts 3 A Huge Boost

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Square Enix are working on their next big game and this is Kingdom Hearts 3. The game should bring with it many exciting things and it should bring new worlds and an end to the ruling of Master Xehanort.

If you don’t know anything about Kingdom Hearts 3, it brings together characters from Disney and Final Fantasy. Only Disney is in play actively and gamers are waiting to see new worlds.

What people would most like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3 is Star Wars being included in the game. While Jedis shouldn’t be let loose to run around, if the game is worked out properly Star Wars would offer up a big plot boost.

Sora could faceoff with Xehanort and then perhaps get knocked out. Sora could be saved and they could all escape but then Sora is badly hurt and could be saved by Master Yoda, who comes down in a spaceship. When Sora recovers he could go to a different planet to find the new Keyblade form, which would be the lightsabers.

If Star Wars was brought into Kingdom Hearts 3 this way, it shouldn’t have any negative impact on the game and fans of Star Wars would love it.

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