Star Wars Game Coming For Mobile, Possibly More

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We might be seeing more Star Wars game coming to the PlayStore and AppStore as Zynga announce that they will be taking over the Star Wars Commander. On top of that, they also got the rights from Disney to develop and publish a new game for Star Wars with an optional second game.

According to Frank Gibeau, the CEO of Zynga, they are looking forward to expanding the reach of the Star Wars universe and working on a new mobile game for the fans. Star Wars is one of the most iconic franchise and with such a huge fanbase, they can guarantee that the games will be getting a lot of attention but we will have to wait and see if the attention will benefit them or be their downfall.

As for the Star Wars games on the other platforms, EA still has the exclusive claim to the license for PC and console and we should be seeing more from them soon as well.

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