Star Wars Battlefront May See Decrease In Holiday Shoppers

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Generally the holiday season is one of the worst times to be out shopping as the stores are packed tight with those looking for bargains and last minute gifts. This year holiday shoppers may decrease, as people may decide to stop at home and just enjoy Star Wars Battlefront.

Fans of EA and Battlefront are talking about getting hold of a new game this year and that game is going to be Star Wars Battlefront. People believe that it will come out in time for the holidays and according to the CFO of EA, this may be in November.

Last November it was said that a nee game would be arriving a new from then and this was said in November, so if things have remained on track Star Wars Battlefront will be coming this year. They also talked about the game having a very important feature that people had asked for and this was a single player campaign.

The multiplayer game was great but gamers have asked that Star Wars Battlefront offers a single player game too and it seems that EA have listened to what they want.

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