Star Wars: Battlefront II, Lucasfilm Breaks Their Silent

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The new Star Wars: Battlefront II was supposed to help hype up Star Wars so that the fans will be excited about the upcoming movie. If that is the case, it made sense that Disney and Lucasfilm will be so unhappy about all the negative feedback the game has been getting thanks to the microtransaction.

According to The Washington Post, Lucasfilm is standing behind EA’s decision to temporarily suspend the microtransaction feature of the game. They said that Star Wars has always been about the fans and if the fans are concern about the microtransaction, it made sense to temporarily remove it.

Other reports claim that Disney might have played a part in the removal of the feature as it is believed that Disney was upset that the players were not angry and this happens just weeks before the new movie The Last Jedi was to be released.

We know that the microtransaction will still be coming back but hopefully, they make enough changes that the fans will be willing to accept it.

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