Star Wars Battlefront II: Don’t Jump To Conclusion

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The new Star Wars Battlefront II will be arriving soon but for fans that are on EA Access, they can try out the game right now. Because some people already had access to the game, people are coming out to some conclusions about the game that might not necessarily be the truth.

According to some of the fans, in order to unlock Luke as a playable character in the game, they might have to play up to 40 hours before that is possible. That was calculated based on how many credits the player gets when he completes a match and how much time is needed to complete a match.

Of course, fans got a little worried because if that is how much time they need to get one character, it would be close to impossible to get all the rest.

Luckily, according to EA, they still have a lot more content planned for the game and they will still adjust the progression mechanics of the game based on how their fans respond to it so there is no need to worry right now.

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