Star Wars Battlefront 2: It’s All About Ideas Of Fans

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When the first Star Wars Battlefront game arrived the fans certainly had a great deal to say. When the movie was launched they said even more. DICE has now revealed that we are going to see Star Wars Battlefront 2 at some point in the future and now fans have been talking about what the game might offer.

The producer of DICE said that the development team knows what fans think when it comes to the last Battlefront game and that they have taken this into account to ensure that the feedback is addressed as they work on the sequel to the game.

Some things that fans want to see include land to space combat that is seamless, better post launches and campaigns that are better. Whether DICE is going to offer up all of it isn’t know, however the good news is that they are taking the opinions of fans into account.

But what do you think about Star Wars Battlefront 2?

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