Staple Smartphone Tech Could Be Coming With Your Next Car

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Most smartphones will come with some sort of fingerprint scanner right now and some people believe that it won’t take long before it gets implemented in future cars as well.

More and more vehicles are arriving with keyless feature now but with that convenience comes a new risk as it is easier for thieves to hack into vehicles now as all they need is a device that record and replay the key’s signal.

However, there might be a way to solve that issue and that is to use the fingerprint tech or other security techs that the smartphones are using right now like facial recognition and retina scans. Relying on the key fob alone will not be enough so we might see cars coming with some sort of additional security tech to prevent thieves from hacking it and driving away with your car.

Of course, we do not know when we will see these coming our way but since these techs are becoming more and more common on smartphones, we might see it migrate over soon.

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