Spyjinx: New J.J. Abrams’s Game Detailed

Spyjinx was announced back in 2015 and after years of waiting for the game to be released, we are finally getting a beta test for the game.

J.J.Abrams’ Bad Robot Games will be working with Epic Games on the new mobile game called Spyjinx. There is not a whole lot of information right now but from what we have learned so far, it looks like the game will be about secret agents and espionage schemes.

Some of the game objectives include creating and protecting your hideout and trying to infiltrate the hideout of other players. The game is part of RPG character development, part multiplayer and also part action-strategy gameplay.

The beta testing was launched in Malaysia on the 1st of April on iOS and will be available in Australia shortly after. No release date has been announced yet and we also do not know if it will be coming in as a free-to-play game.