Huge Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Update Rollout Hints Android 4.2.2 Until Proven Otherwise

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Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 who are with Sprint are thought to be getting a large update in the region of around 157MB today. There has been a screenshot posted that shows that Samsung are the ones behind the update rather than being just a firmware update.

The support pages of Sprint are saying that this update will be offered with the name of L710VPMA6 and is to make updates to the voicemail app, add in new features for SMS and fix issues with syncing of the calendar. Users at the forum are also saying the update will fix an exploit in security.

Sprint owners have not yet seen the update which would bring them the Premium Suite from Samsung, and they will not see it with this update either.

Of course there is also the question of whether this is the update to Android 4.2.2? At the moment the update is heading the way of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but we are not sure whether it is 4.2.2. until we get it in our hands. If you have already received it, do tell us.

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