Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2.2 Hopes Go Up A Notch & Then Back Down

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Owners of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 are in line for a big update – around 157MB – over the air soon. A screenshot has been posted which shows it is a Samsung software update rather than a firmware update.

Sprint’s support pages say that the update will bring software version L710VPMA6 to them and that this will update the voicemail feature add new SMS widgets and sort out issues with calendar syncing. It’s also thought over at the user forums that this update will patch a security exploit.

Sprint owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 haven’t had the update with a premium list of Samsung features. They’ll have to wait a wee while longer as this update doesn’t include it.

One thing to consider is whether this update could actually be Android 4.2.2? The size of it got the buzz going that it was. Unfortunately that isn’t the case and it is just another maintenance update.

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