Sprint Galaxy Nexus Goes Jelly Bean, Verizon Watches In Envy

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There were rumors going around that the Galaxy Nexus over at Sprint would be getting the update to Jelly Bean and according to the support page over at Sprint, the update will roll out today reports AndroidPolice.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean rolls out today, Verizon users still in the dark

It seems that users will be able to get their hands on Jelly Bean via an OTA update so you may wish to head over and check this in settings.

However we are still waiting to find out if the Nexus S 4G will get the same Jelly Bean treatment. So have you been able to get your device updated to Jelly Bean over the air? If so you will be enjoying numerous features.

Sprint released all the enhancements and fixes that the new OS brings to devices. These include: A smoother interface, Better accessibility, Expandable notifications, Widgets and shortcuts that automatically resize, Android Beam, Better voice search, Better camera, Google Now, High res contact photos and much more.

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