Sprint Galaxy Nexus Gets Android 4.2.1, Verizon Watches In Envy

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The Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy News should have the Nexus name stripped from it. What is happening now also puts yet another nail in the coffin of the handset with Verizon.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus now beats Verizon version to Android 4.2.1

Sprint has the Jelly Bean update to 4.2.1 for their version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on their servers at the moment and owners are able to download it now. All we are waiting for now is for Sprint to make the official announcement of the update in order to get the formalities out of the way.

Owners of the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have been waiting for the updates since September. At the moment they have not received 4.1.2, 4.2 and 4.2.1, along with 4.2.2, which is the next Android update as seen in some LG Nexus 4 units shipping to users outside of the US.

Verizon deserve the title of the worst US carrier when it comes down to getting updates out to customers. One has to wonder just how they have managed to get a Nexus device so far behind in updates.

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