Official Sprint Site Hints At A Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2

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The Google event is now just a week away and this means that rumours and speculations have reached an all-time high. Among the stories floating around at the moment is the one about the Sprint website which teases fans about a possible Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 reports AndroidPolice.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 hinted on official website

This might have been missed by a lot of people as we are actually talking about the wording on the title of the landing page for the original Galaxy Nexus which now reads Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 – 4g Android smartphone from Sprint. However before you get too excited and take it that the Nexus 2 is coming, this easter egg doesn’t actually confirm anything.

Now we’ve seen a leaked LG Nexus 4 that does resemble the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from the front but what Sprint possibly may be hinting about is an actual new Nexus device from Samsung. The folks over at CarphoneWarehouse also showed a Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 in their inventory earlier this month so if anything, Sprint could be refering to this model.

We’re not going to hold our breath here for this to evolve into anything more but it was an interesting find by the folks over at AP nonetheless. Google is holding an event on October 29 where we expect to see at least one new Nexus phone unveiled.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 used as title on Sprint website

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 used as title on Sprint website

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