Sprint iPhone Well Worth The $15 Billion Commitment, Says CEO

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CEO of Sprint, Dan Hesse, was surrounded by reporters who were touring the headquarters of Sprint when he told them that it was too good an opportunity to pass up to get the iPhone onto Sprint and that the company had committed to paying more than $15 billion over the next four years.

Sprint iPhone well worth the $15 billion commitment says CEO

He went on to say that they were pleased that Apple had contacted them with an interest in having the opportunity to sell products with Sprint. Having the iPhone on board is great for the long term but it is very costly in the short term. This is due to Sprint having to spend to attract buyers.

Sprint have made the large commitment of $15.5 billion over four years, but when you look at Apple there is no reason not to have trust in them and to spend that kind of money. The CEO also spoke about the decision to go with WiMax instead of LTE. This was all a matter of timing the CEO said. Hesse said that with their chance to go with WiMax it would mean they would be the first network with a high speed network that was actually in operation. If they had gone with LTE they would have been the last carrier to offer it as they did not have the spectrum to be able to provide a reliable service.

While they do have the iPhone on their shelves there is no sight of the iPad. When asked about this Hesse declined to make a comment. One has to wonder that when Sprint get their LTE up and running to speed, if they will offer the iPad and if so would their plans which included unlimited data see users moving to them from AT&T and Verizon?

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