Sprint iPhone 5 Kicks iPhone 4 Off Store Shelves For Good

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The iPhone 4 on Sprint is fading away rather than burning out, it seems. CNET heard from a company spokesperson that the iPhone 4 won’t be available in stores from Friday, but customers can still buy it online.

Sprint iPhone 4 to become online exclusive when iPhone 5 hits stores

“iPhone 4 will become a Web only device effective on September 21. We will certainly still be selling it,” the spokesperson told CNET.

This is in response to an image on 9-5Mac earlier this week that showed that the Sprint iPhone 4 would be “removed from Planogram on 9.21/12” which made it seem as if it was no longer for sale at all.

Sprint started to sell the iPhone last year after the iPhone 4S release. The company also started selling the iPhone 4 alongside it. When the iPhone 5 hits the streets this Friday, the iPhone 4 will start being available for free on a two-year contract on most networks. The Sprint iPhone 5 starts at $199 with a two-year contract.

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