Sprint iPhone 5 Not As Awesome As Once Thought

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The rumoured iPhone 5 release date comes closer and it is speculated to be coming to T-Mobile this year as well. Additionally both Sprint and T-Mobile are offering consumers unlimited data plans. So which one should you go with when the iPhone 5 launches later this year?

T-Mobile joins Sprint in offering unlimited data; rumors of T-Mobile iPhone 5 surface

T-Mobile have just made the announcement that they will be offering truly unlimited data plans to their customers, which now puts them in competition alongside Sprint. Sprint held the title as being the only major carrier in the US to provide data plans that were unlimited. Both Verizon and AT&T did away with their unlimited data plans in favor of data sharing. This means that if T-Mobile carries the new iPhone 5 when it is released and offers it with an unlimited data plan, they will be able to compete with not only Sprint but also Verizon and AT&T.

T-Mobile will offer the unlimited plan with their Value and Classic plans. Those on the classic plan are able to add in unlimited data for $89 a month. If you don’t want unlimited voice minutes you can cut down the cost to $79.99 for 500 minutes of talking. Those on the value plan can pay $74.99 for unlimited or they can pay $64.99 and have 500 minutes.

Sprint on the other hand is offering unlimited data, text and 450 voice minutes for $74.99. Consumers who want 900 voice minutes can pay $99.99 or they can choose unlimited for $109.00. When you consider the above options you can see that T-Mobile is offering generous plans and they are cheaper.

T-Mobile offer consumers 4G on the HSPA+ network and have around 200 million using their service in 230 markets. They are working to offer customers LTE next year. Sprint offer WiMax but while it comes with fast data speeds a lot of the new devices will not work on the network. It is thought that when the iPhone 5 is released this will be one of the handsets that will not work on it. In total Sprint have 71 markets which serve around 130 million consumers. Their LTE covers around 16 markets which puts them in front of T-Mobile on this score.

All in all if T-Mobile offers the iPhone 5 on their truly unlimited plans it may be too good to pass up despite the fact that at the moment T-Mobile do not have LTE in place and the new iPhone 5 is rumored to support it.

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