Sprint iPhone 5: Unlimited 4G LTE & Hot As Hell

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The game could begin to change for Sprint with the release of the iPhone 5. They have not had much luck over the last decade. Things started going downhill with the takeover of Nextel with Sprint losing subscriber after subscriber. They had problems with customer service when Dan Hesse took over but managed to pull back to first position, ranking first among other major carriers. However they still had a huge void in their product line due to the lack of having the iPhone on their shelves, until things changed last fall.

Sprint iPhone 5 with unlimited 4G LTE will be a gamechanger

Sprint made an agreement with Apple in Oct of 2011, the day the iPhone 4S was available for pre-order, with the device being on the shelves a week later. Sprint rallied round and managed to stock the handset and accessories and train staff and customer service reps. Thanks to unlimited plans they saw strong results from the iPhone 4S in following quarters.

Stock with Sprint jumped up when they started selling the iPhone, this was a $15.5 billion deal over four years with Apple. When this was found out their stocks plummeted as investors bailed out. Sprint however continued with good sales results and it seems that they will exceed the minimum sales objectives reports SeekingAlpha. While they do remain the bottom of the three largest carriers in the US they have the best position to capitalize on the launch of the new iPhone.

This is mainly due to the fact that their unlimited plans are a huge hit with consumers as they offer great value and AT&T along with Verizon have both done away with their unlimited plans. Both are planning to launch shared data on 23rd August which is good for those with families who have several phones. However the majority of customers don’t like the idea as they often find tracking the amount of data used complicated. If Sprint are able to add in the iPad or the Mini iPad this would ensure a boost in revenue and would take a chunk out of the minimum purchase commitment that Sprint made to Apple.

Sprint will be in a great position to be able to capitalize on their unlimited data plans and so the Sprint iPhone 5 will change the game for them and perhaps take them into the big league. With unlimited LTE data plans not being offered by any other major US carrier, if rumors of the Sprint iPhone 5 having LTE radios is true then you can expect it to easily become the hottest selling smartphone on the network this year.

Anyone else waiting for the Sprint iPhone 5 announcement?


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