Sprint iPhone 5 Doesn’t Look So Appetizing Anymore

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Let’s take a look into which carrier, T-Mobile or Sprint, are offering the best deal for their unlimited data plans. As the release of the iPhone 5 draws ever closer this will come in hands as rumors have it that it will be available on T-Mobile this year finally.

iPhone 5: Sprint may take backseat to T-Mobile’s all-you-can-eat data plan

T-Mobile has made an announcement of their truly unlimited data plans and this means that they are now in competition with Sprint. Previously Sprint were the only carrier to offer unlimited data as AT&T along with Verizon did away with their unlimited plans. When T-Mobile offers their unlimited plans for data and have the iPhone 5 on their shelves, they will be able to compete with AT&T and Verizon and also Sprint at a whole new level.

T-Mobile offers different plans in combination with their existing Classic and Value plans. If you are on the classic plan and want unlimited data you can have it along with voice and texts for $89 per month. However if you don’t want unlimited minutes you can get a plan that provides you with 500 minutes for $79.99. If you are on the Value plan you can get fully unlimited for $74.99 or choose a plan that provides 500 minutes for $64.99. Sprint offer their consumers 450 minutes with texts and unlimited data for $74.99 or you can have 900 minutes for $99.99 or their unlimited plan for $109.99. So T-Mobile comes in both more cheaper and generous.

In total, T-Mobile provide their service to 220 million in around 230 markets on their 4G using the HSPA+ network. As for LTE, they should have it only sometime next year.

Sprint offer customers faster data speeds on WiMax but many of the new devices will not work on it. The iPhone 5 is one that is rumored to be incompatible with it. They have around 130 million consumers in 71 markets and are in the lead when it comes to LTE compared to T-Mobile (covers around 16 markets).

The thought of an unthrottled and truly unlimited data plan for the iPhone 5 sounds too good to pass up on so here’s hoping the pink carrier is finally on board with Apple this year.

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